44. “But if you feel you are destined for me…”

by 4linnea

You are like nobody because I love you. -Pablo Neruda


Found another note in a poetry book. Wonderful. Especially since it was in a collection of Pablo Neruda’s love poems. I found it at a bookstore and I already own the book, so I’m really not sure why I picked it up and opened it anyway.  Maybe I was supposed to see this glimpse into two stranger’s lives. All I know is that people express their words through any medium they need to and I love that.

Subject change. I was waiting at the pharmacy today and overheard a man’s plans to go to Disney World with his daughter and grandchildren. He was so excited to share the plans with (presumably) a friend who worked there. When he talked about buying his granddaughters long dresses and letting them get their hair and nails done, I swear he had joy coming out of his eyes.  His 7-year old granddaughter had told him that she was so excited to meet the princesses and the man said he responded with, “those princesses should be so excited to meet you.” She said, “why’s that?” “Because you’re my princess.”  WHAT?! Is this real life? How do these little moments happen everyday and not become the subjects of a heart-tugging movie? It was just a wonderful moment to witness and hear. Thanks humanity! (**please see the post script from my post, Ten (more) Wonderful Things.)

One of my talents is the fact that I know Beyonce’s dance to Single Ladies. And man, sometimes I feel really good about myself for being a decent (the jury is still out) dancer and being able to freaking memorize it. (Side note: This may sound like I am really good at dancing and learning choreography, but that’s not the case. My friend, Maggie, taught me all I know, including the moves, which she picked up after watching the music video a handful of times. Genius.) So, I’m dancing along showing off my Beyonce-esque skills feeling great about life in general, but then I see her music video.  And I see her move her perfect and talented body with all her Beyonce glory and remember I’m a white girl with short legs and a short torso who happens to have a little bit of (awkward) rhythm. If she only knew what a kickass babysitter I am, I could babysit little Blue Ivy and become friends with her (by friends, I mean more of a one-sided, unhealthy adoration).

One time, I taught two guys the dance. Both of their names were Chris. They might not be the worst dancers I’ve ever seen. Or maybe they are. But they were great and willing to learn and be as diva-ish as they could. Watch here. (I did not give it my all in this one. I was nervous. Notice the pit stains.)

Whenever anyone says they are going to the bathroom, I will now respond with, “Think of me.” You’re welcome.

Over & Out

P.S. This post is dedicated to shaving your legs in winter after (obviously) not doing so in a while. Talk about freedom. Amiright? I mean, it got bad recently. Oops.

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