42. Ten (more) Things

by 4linnea

A list of 10 more wonderful, great, beautiful things about life.

10. Nail Polish

It’s fun because you get to change your appearance, but not permanently.  You can always take it off and try another color.  Low commitment level=good.


Examples of my nails’ wilder sides.

9. Having Energy

This is not something I am used to most of the time, so I take full advantage when I have energy (usually).  During a day, if I realize I’m not about to fall asleep, then I feel really good about myself for not being sleepy and am proud that I have energy to do things.  It’s the small victories.

8. Doing Laundry

Now, it’s not the act of laundry that’s great, it’s finishing it.  Laundry is accepted by most as a terrible chore, but really, you don’t have to do a whole lot to get clean clothes, throw them in the washer, go watch tv for 45 minutes, put them in the dryer, watch tv for 45 minutes, then fold. You really aren’t putting a whole lot of work in, BUT at the end of a day when you did laundry, you feel really good about yourself and how much you accomplished.  I love that.

7. Wasting Hours on the Internet

I actually recognize when I’m doing this, how much I love it.  Especially when I really don’t have any other work to be doing, so I’m not ashamed to spend my time on tumblr or stumbleupon or wikipedia. The internet can be fun.

6. The moments you realize how blessed your life is

It’s amazing to think how many people I have in my life who love me.  It’s amazing to think that I am healthy and able-bodied and intelligent.  It’s amazing to think I wake up to get dressed and have shoes to wear.  And not just one pair, dozens to pick from.  I get to eat anything I’d like at any time.  I love experiencing those little moments of realization, and trying to hold them close all the time.

5. Dessert time

Once a meal is done, I think, “what’s for dessert?” or, at least, “what type of sweet thing could I have?”  This doesn’t just apply to after meals, but anytime. Dessert time is the best time.


Ice cream out of the tub.

4. Being so immersed in a good book

It’s so wonderful when you are reading a great book and it’s always on your mind and you can’t wait until you have free time to sit down and read it for hours.  Those are the best books.  The page-turners and complete immersers.

3. Knowing you don’t have to know everything

Thinking I have to know everything and understand every aspect and history of the things I’m doing is a common stressor for me.  I have so much access to information, I feel obligated to learn it all, but that’s not possible. It’s good  to remember that if I try at life and enjoy learning and have a strong curiosity, that’s enough.

2. Complimenting strangers/ being complimented by strangers

This one is so fun.  If you’re ever on the verge of saying a compliment to a stranger or not, do it. No harm can come of it.  I still remember last year while out shopping, a woman working at the store came up to me and completely made my day by telling me how much she loved my outfit.  “It’s so casual.  Yet so put together! And I love your purse.  It’s all gorgeous!”  I was wearing jeans rolled up, Toms, a baseball tee (grey sleeves, white shirt), and greasy hair pulled back.  Strangers are the best.

1. When you get out of bed to go to the bathroom (or get a snack) and when you get back, your bed is still warm

Mmmmm.  This one is so so nice.  That’s all.

P.S. This post is dedicated my new term for backpack.  I will now refer to it as my back pouch.  Hop in lil joey!

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