40. Notes & Dreams

by 4linnea

Inside a poetry book I have, I found:booknoteYour life is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever known.

I love this.  Maybe the sweet mom or son from this note will see that I have this book.  But maybe that’s not good, I mean, maybe this book was really sentimental to the mom and it was such a touching moment when she gave it to her son and he didn’t really care, so he sold it and now a weird girl owns it and mom’s going to be really upset.  OR maybe they had a falling out and don’t talk anymore, so he got rid of the book (ya know because of the memories and the painful times) and now a weird girl owns it and maybe that weird girl’s blog can bring them back together! Wow amazing. See where my mind goes? Also is it just me or does the mom’s doodle look like Patti Mayonnaise?

Anyways, I love finding the stories within the stories. (Self promo here)  I want to know these people’s stories, because as of right now, this note on the back of the front cover is almost more interesting to me than the words in the book.  (But maybe not. Love ya Stanley Kunitz!)  What a beautiful and wonderful find.

Abrupt subject change.  So, in my writing class, I had to write a teleplay treatment and I’m working on the screenplay to be performed at the end of the semester.  Side note: Who the heck gets to have homework like this?  I mean, it’s really not fair.  I’m so lucky!  This summer, I had to make fake radio promos.  Mine was for a station that only played Sarah McLachlan songs with little kids reading ASPCA facts (the station also plays a 10-hour block of  her song Arms in the Angels on repeat).  Is that not one of the most stupid things you’ve ever heard?  Yeah, I know, but I got a grade for that, that will go towards me getting a degree! What?  I think I got 100% on it, too. Listen here, if you really want to… Side note over.

So, obviously, I like to write, so I have been having a lot of fun working on my television show and as I’ve mentioned in past posts, I have crazytown dreams.  The other night, I had a dream that I got to pitch my show idea to NBC producers!  And they loved it.  And thought I was funny.  And I was egging them on, and since there were other companies there, I said I love NBC and always wanted to work for them.  And I threw my arms towards them and sang, “I LIKE YOU!” matching the tune of the three-note NBC theme. And they were clapping and laughing.  And it was a riot.  And I was taking up too much time, so I got cut off, which was okay, because after, one exec came up to me and told me how excited they were to make my show and asked if I had a theme song planned out yet.  And I did, apparently. I looked through my papers, and found sheet music I made?? And I remember thinking “I think that’s the sheet music to the Will and Grace theme song that I printed off once.”  But I still handed it over.  Then the dream ended.  It was great. I woke up knowing I could conquer the world! But not really.  I think I was kinda sad that day. Eh, such is life? Amiright?

Over & Out

P.S. This post is dedicated to people who get armpit sweat marks and aren’t ashamed. Amen.

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