38. Beautiful Life

by 4linnea

While it has been some time, and I’m a completely new person, I am still the same! Thank goodness for consistency.  I’ve switched schools, majors, bookstore jobs, I’m about to graduate and I’m dating and in love with my best friend.  Oh, and I got glasses. So, really nothing new here.  Just life being really great.

(More Than) Best Friends

My time lately has been busy filled with making documentaries- planning, filming, cutting, stressing.  Links to videos will come later- not of me being stressed, of the documentaries.  If that were the case, it would be me crying and taking deep breaths and no one needs to be seeing that.  As a senior electronic media student, I am pushed to my full potential in regards to my creativity, talent, time management, and work ethic.  I mean, I’ve even made business cards.  Business cards!! Who am I? A child playing dress-up, complete with business cards, apparently.  And a professional, linkedin account.  What?

So, some things change and some things don’t.  Like, the fact that I cry every time I finish the series finale of Will & Grace.  This just happened and it has been hard.  Why does it have to be so hard?  So, I watch through all eight seasons and I’m a part of the gang, ya know.  But then, wait, everything has to end.  I guess, I will just have to start the whole process over again.  Build up these relationships, fall in love, laugh and cry together, all for it to be taken away again. Life’s hard.  And I mean, I’ve watched all 8 seasons more times than I can count and I know every line, joke, gesture, and inflection, but that’s all okay, as long as I still laugh every time.  Right?  ….Right?? My life’s not sad…

Another reason my life isn’t sad is that embarrassing things don’t ever happen to me.  Except that’s a lie.  See I am Sue Heck and I am Sue Heck Part II.  Here’s a real life example.  Last semester, after taking my last exam, I got on the elevator to leave.  As I was waiting for the doors to close, two girls started running to the elevator, so, as the good person I am, I frantically started hitting the OPEN DOOR button.  It wasn’t working!  So, one girl ended up  with the doors closing on her shoulders and she pushed them open dramatically as her head lifted up to me with a disgusted sneer.  They turned to look at my finger, still on the button, and I looked down, too, only to see that I  had been pushing the DOOR CLOSED button.  It looked like I didn’t want them on the elevator with me.  Oh, and these two girls were international, Chinese students.  And there I was, the small, pompous, racist white girl with no idea what to do to make things right.  So, as apologetically as I could, I said, “I am SO sorry.  I promise I thought I was hitting the door open button the whole time.”  That was innocent enough right?  No. They both blankly stared at me, obviously disgusted and began to talk to each other in Mandarin the entire elevator ride, until we stopped, and I made sure to let them out first, as the kind, courteous and cultured individual I am.

P.S. This post is dedicated to October.  The start of fall and autumnal activities, scents, and happiness.

Over & Out

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