35. Now is Good Times

by 4linnea

It is officially chapped lips, dry skin, and sweater weather.  Hooray!  It may not seem like a positive thing to some of you, friends, however, when the temperature decreases, coffee consumption increases.  Plus, you get to wear hats, scarves, and mittens.  Side note about my favorite pair of mittens.  My dad brought me home mittens made from alpaca hair from a business trip.  They are soft and lovely.  Last year, one morning before I walked into class, I stopped to use the bathroom.  After class, when I went to put my alpaca mittens on, I was missing one.  I went in the bathroom and checked for the lost little guy and there it lay in the toilet.  It wasn’t even a question, I didn’t hesitate- I reached in and saved my mitten.  I ran it under water in the sink, wrung it out, and wrapped it in paper towel.  When I got home, I washed it by hand, then hung it up with a clothespin in front of the window.  That mitten has been through a lot.  Whenever I wear that pair, I feel a little extra love on my hands.

Last week, my roommate and I signed a lease for an apartment next year.  Getting outta these dorms after 2 years!  4′ x 4′ rooms are not enough! (That is an exaggeration, if I’ve ever seen one).  Daily, we come up with more and more positives to being in an apartment.  Today, I came to realize that after this year, I won’t have to wear flip flops in the shower anymore.  That is SO great!  Wearing shoes while you’re showering feels so unnatural.  We are just very excited to have a place that we are allowed to decorate a bit and a kitchen in which we can actually cook and bake.  I think, most of all, we’re excited to be roommates once again.  I keep lists of my roommate’s (Taylor) quotes.  These keep me laughing for days.  And as you know, friend, there is nothing I like to do more than to laugh. For example, just last night on our walk home from seeing Puss in Boots (which was great by the way), she let me know that whenever she hears Dubstep it makes her imagine a giant monster vomiting.  Yes.

On the topic of laughing, I think it’s incredibly appropriate to laugh to yourself in public.  I say this only to justify when I do it.  Which is a lot.  Now, if I’m watching a funny video on the computer or reading something, most people accept that a little more, but I’m talking about the laughter that comes when a past moment pops in your head while you’re walking and all you can do is chuckle.  At the library yesterday, a girl next to me did that and all I could do was smile and make-believe what it was she was laughing about.  Come to think of it, it was probably the hundreds of photos of me around campus she was cracking up about.

At school here, I work at the bookstore and it’s great.  I get a lot of fun opportunities that I wouldn’t normally have.  For instance, a few weeks ago, I happened to be there on a day I don’t work.  One of the managers said, “Linnea will do it!” as I walked in.  I said, “she’ll do what?”  He then informed me he needed a model for an ad for our upcoming store-wide sale.  Obviously, without hesitation, I said yes.  I got into this fleece “M” ensemble (which itself is clearly from the sale rack) found a fleece hat, and got to work giving the camera my best poses. Good thing, my best friend, Maggie, is a professional model and had already taught me the art of smeysing (smiling with your eyes).  The ad turned out great, little did I know, I would run into my face everywhere I turn on campus.  Giant posters in the library, student center, and dining halls.  Little paper ads on every dining hall table.  And of course, a digital ad on any University TV on campus.  I am receiving texts from people who saw it just to tell me they loved it and I get stopped by strangers just to ask if I’m the girl in the ad.  I am.

P.S. This post is NOT dedicated to hangnails.  Lately, I’ve been having some bad ones.  I am a picker (of anything) so I’ve been catching myself picking at my hangnails- freakin Black Swan!

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May all beings be happy, healthy, safe, and free.