34. Ten More Things (a continuation)

by 4linnea

As I sit here in a comfy chair, surrounded by books, drinking pumpkin-flavored coffee, I realize that there is so much in this world to love.  I always say that it’s about the little things, and I will stand by that til I die.  So, here is my third installment of Ten Things I Love. 

10. Putting on slippers right out of bed.

This move is so iconic and can be seen in countless movies, but when it actually happens to you in real life, it can make your whole day.  Your piglets only have to feel the cold air outside of the warm covers for a split second until they land into the clouds called your slippers.

9. Sketching on your homework.

Besides babysitting, this is definitely one of my strongest skills.  It started from the day I was in school until now- the handouts I get in college, still have flowers and faces scribbled up and down the margins.  It’s the best feeling- doing something that seems so taboo, yet you’re doing it.  You could always do it in pencil and erase, but the ballsy homework artists leave their work in pen.

8. Bon Iver music

One of my favorite bands (because there is too much good music in the world to pick just one favorite).  Every time I am listening to a Bon Iver song, I think “this is one of my favorite things in the world.”  Here’s Bon Iver’s classic, Skinny Love.  And here’s Towers from their new album.

7. The smell of/ after rain.


6. Two pretzel sticks stuck together.

I always take the time to search through a bag (unsanitary, I know) of the skinny pretzel sticks to look for the conjoined twins.  They are the best ones.  They have a little less air inside and are super crunchy. Next time you find some that are stuck together, put them in an envelope and mail them to me.  I’ll return the gift with a picture of me smiling and enjoying them.

5. Getting the sleep out of your eyes.

Sleep is those little crusty crusts that develop in your tear duct and the only thing that can be done, is to get it outta there!  Once you grossly dig in there and get it out, you’re free.  You’re refreshed.  You’re renewed and ready to take on the day.  Side note: I always get the sleep out of my dog’s eyes because he doesn’t have the pleasure of having opposable thumbs nor the satisfaction of getting it out, so I sacrifice and do it for him.  He couldn’t care less.

4. Memorizing things.

It doesn’t matter what it is.  Once you have something permanently in your brain, it’s a great feeling.  It could be the one time you’re listening to a song, and catch yourself singing along to every word.  It could be the day you finally remember that 8-digit ID number for school that you use to clock in and out at work.  It could be a new friend’s telephone number or address.  Any way, it’s wonderful.

3. Perfectly ripping out a perforated page from a notebook.

This is a hard one to do, but when it happens your soul lets out a little sigh of relief and accomplishment.  Seriously, next time you do it, you’ll catch yourself smiling.

2. Chocolate Milk.

I don’t want to say much about this topic, because I’m afraid words could ruin its goodness.  All I will say is that lately, I have been having a pint for lunch and that’s it.  One of the best beverages on the planet.

1. Silent Laughs

I LOVE laughing and listening to laughs, but I think my favorite laughs to “listen” to are the silent ones.  For the most part, I am a silent laugher and sometimes they are the heartiest kind of laughs.  Silent laughs are the kind that make you lose your breath, kill your abs, and make you cry.  That’s what life’s about- laughing until your abs hurt and tears are streaming down your face.

P.S. This post is dedicated to quirkiness.  It’s that goofy, borderline weirdness that we all have inside of us (and I believe I have little more of than the average human).  Embrace it.

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