33. I am Sue Heck Part II

by 4linnea

Welcome back to Thoughtsinmybrain after that multiple-month shortage.  Hope you still remember who I am.  

That’s me!  See I haven’t changed any.  I am back and ready to blog.  I have lists and lists of blog topics so be prepared for the hurricane of word jumble about to come your way.  Speaking of word jumble, I’ve been making sure I have time everyday to do the New York Times Crossword puzzle and just thought you, my friend, would like to know that lately the puzzles have been absolutely top-notch. Okay.  Now, time for today’s thoughts.  Part II of why I am Sue Heck.

As I said in my first post about why I am Sue Heck, the awkward and lovable daughter from ABC’s The Middle, I constantly find myself in situations that I have a hard time putting into words because they are so awkward and socially not okay.  The thing is, however, I love it.  It’s who I am.  Sue Heck.  Or as my best friend in the whole world, Maggie :), calls me: Richard.  He is my alter-ego and comes out whenever I do awkward things- such as body movements and dance moves that would make anyone uncomfortable or make noises that I seem to have no control over.  “What you just did right there was sssooooo Richard!”

I was thinking back to my high school memories and even more Sue Heck moments flooded back to me.  My junior year, I won the Mason Film Festival.  Sounds prestigious right?  Well, the film festival took place in a small multipurpose room off Mason’s public library.  And yes I won, however, I was one of four entries.  The winner was decided predominately by audience votes and I just so happened that day to have lots of people with me that day (close to 10 I’d say while other people had maybe their mom, dad, and brother who was drug there against his will).  So, from those votes, I won.  It was quite an honor, because the winner won a tin of candy and a $10 Chipotle giftcard.  I still have a hard time believing that I won such an honorable award.

The spring of my senior year, college-bound, I applied for a $1,000 scholarship given out by Mason High School for future teachers.  Again, there were not very many applicants, but I won!  I was proud of myself for my application and essays.  This $1,000 dollars would be able to help, at the least, pay for books.  Awesome!  One day, in class, I was called down to go see Mrs. s0-and-so, an art teacher, in her classroom.  I had no idea why, but, again, I was used to weird things like that, so I went.  I walk in to a full classroom (awkwardly, I might add).  “Hi, uh, I was just called down here.  Are you Mrs. s0-and-s0?”  (Frazzled) “Oh yes! Are you Linnea (Lin-nay-uh)?”  “Yeah, I’m Linnea (Lynn-e-uh)”  “Well, I am here to congratulate you on winning the Mason High School Future teachers scholarhip”  At this point, she grabs my hand for an awkward hand shake. “Oh wow, thank you!”  “Just a minute, I have it here somewhere for you”  She rustles through the mountain of chaos on her desk and finds a small, ripped, wrinkled, and I believe stained, envelope with my name written in pen on the front.  I take it, thank her, and leave.  Inside was a check made out to me and that was it.  It was a very shady exchange and my mom and I still laugh about that ripped up envelope with a check in it.

Two summers ago, I went out with my friend Sara and her family on their boat, Pee Wee.  I had never driven a boat but we were going through an idle-only section of the lake, and Mr. Rye asks if I’d like to take the wheel for a bit.  I gladly hop in the captain’s chair feelin fine.  Within a minute and a half, a police boat appears and pulls us over.  Are you kidding me?  I just took over the wheel.  This mustached man with a thick country accent pulls his wee police boat up next to ours and asks to see my boating license.  The family and I try to explain that I don’t have one, but I had just taken over the wheel to steer through the idle zone.  For fun, ya know.   Turns out, we had only been pulled over, because the boat didn’t have it’s registration tags visible on the boat.  It also turns out, the boat had never been registered.  Oops.  Anyway, the cop asked to see my driver’s license, but you know what, darn. My wallet is in the car, I stupidly assumed I wouldn’t be needing it on a boat.  He asks if I know my license number and, of course, I didn’t.  So he takes down my name, address etc.  and then boats away.  Nothing ever happened.  No marks on my driver’s license (that I am aware of).  But up to that point, it was the only time I had driven a boat, and the only time I had been pulled over on a boat.  So Sue Heck.

Last year, I developed a goofy, joke crush on a guy that my friend had known from high school.  I had never met him, just seen him.  One night, my friend and I were driving around and saw him crossing the street in front of us.  What do I do as we pass by?  Yell (with windows still up  ??)  Date me!  Date me!  That is all.

This past weekend, I went back to my Dad’s stomping grounds (Mexico, Missouri) to celebrate my Great Aunt Thelma’s (referred to as simply “Aunt Thelma” by everyone) 100th birthday!  Yeah, she’s awesome.  Read this article about her turning a hundy.  Since my extended family and I don’t see each other much, I get introduced to them when I do see them.  My dad introduced me to my first cousin and my second cousin.  Then he introduces his friend to them, not but one minute after and introduces them to her as “This is Kieth, Raleigh’s second cousin.  And this is Brian, Raleigh’s first cousin.”  Raleigh is my brother.  Who was not at the birthday party.  He was in Georgia- hours and states away.  Love you dad, really!

As I said in the first blog about my likeness to Sue Heck, I could continue this for days with examples, but I will stop.  I absolutely love being Sue Heck, it makes me me.

P.S. This post is dedicated to autumn- its smells, its colors, its sounds, and its gourds.  You’ll always be my favorite!

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