32. Dreaming

by 4linnea

I have crazytown dreams every night and I remember every single one vividly (this most-likely means my subconscious is straight-up trippin’).  Anyways, since I have this (not very fond) connection with dreams, I was honored to hear that I made it into my best friend’s incredible dream not too long ago.  Before I share the dream she had, I will preface by saying she is dramatic, a born-performer, and genuinely hilarious.  I am not like that and would usually prefer to be behind-the-scenes.  My friend, Maggie, dreamed that we were working at Saturday Night Live- she as a performer and me as a writer/producer.  We lived in an apartment in NYC and life was great.  This dream is gonna happen- that’s all I can say because how fun would that be?  It’s weird that she had this dream though, because she has been told from multiple people that she should simply move to Chicago and join The Second City- an improv group where SNL gets many of its cast members and that has produced greats such as Mike Meyers, Chris Farley, Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, and my homegirl, Tina Fey.  And you best believe that if I created sketches for SNL, I’d be making Fart Doctorand Rapping Suri Cruise sketches just like Liz Lemon does on 30 Rock.

Just last night, I had a dream that I was on a show with the same cast and set as 30 Rock, but with a different name.  All of a sudden, chaos erupted and all of these stars rushed the set -people like Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart.  Some man in a suit was running toward Tina Fey, so Jon Stewart jumped on her.  I ran over and started pulling him off her and yelling, “Stop!  She’s my friend!  Don’t hurt my friend!”  He yelled back at me, “I’m protecting her since she’s my producer!”  Then he and I left together and went on a date and talked about crossword puzzles (since he loves doing the NYT crossword like me- if you didn’t know this, watch the awesome documentary, Wordplay).  The weird thing was, after the date, he walked me back to my freshman dorm at school.  It’s weird that this dream actually fits with what I’m talking about and it also gives you a glimpse into the weirdness that happens in my brain each night.  (This dream was only one in about 5 that I can recall from last night’s sleep).    It felt so real because it was winter and I remember looking down and seeing that I was wearing my fleece, zebra-print gloves (a common occurrence for me in winter).  Bizzare.  That’s what frustrates me the most about my dreams- that they seem so real, with people, places, and situations I know and when I wake up it seems as though I’ve had these experiences, but I didn’t.  Kinda like when Leo DiCaprio and his wife are in limbo for 50+ years in the 2010 sci-fi film, Inception.  All I can describe this as is Craaazytown, population: me.  Life’s fun.

P.S. This post is dedicated to the phenomenon called Planking and it’s younger brother, Owling.  Planking is where you lay down on your stomach with your arms at your side and take a photo.  The more obscure and weird the place or object you’re laying on, the better.  Owling is sitting in a position much like a gargoyle and doing the same thing.  At work last night, I captured this plank: 

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