31. Games & Feet

by 4linnea

This past Sunday, I went to the Cincinnati Reds game.  Besides the fact that it was a great and well-played game (go B. Pizzle!) and we beat the Cardinals, I left happier than I arrived because my faith in humanity was restored a bit.  Let me tell you about what I witnessed.  If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event, I’m sure you’ve witnessed this too.  It’s when someone in the middle of the row buys something from the vendors selling beer or cotton candy in the aisles then the strangers next to them in the row, pass down down the currency and then pass down the treat.  I absolutely loved watching this, it’s hard to explain just how much.  People could easily take the money or take a handful of popcorn on it’s way down the row, but no one ever does.  It’s just a perfect example of people helping out fellow people.  They do it without complaining or even thinking it’s weird- they just do it because they know it’s their civil duty.

Also at the baseball game, I was able to point out some classic social psychology (which is east at any event with large amounts of people) when the wave began.  People just tend to join along.  They want to feel as if they are a part of something and don’t want to disappoint those around them.  But, it eventually ends because one person thinks, “I’m not going to do it, everyone else is going to do it, so it won’t make any difference if I don’t participate.”  When everyone else is thinking that too, things don’t get accomplished.  Because of this phenomena, the number one thing I took away from my social psychology class last semester is to always call 911 when you hear or suspect a crime (like a mugging) happening.  Once, in New York City, a woman was being mugged and at least 20 neighbors heard and saw this happening, yet absolutely none of them called and the woman died.  When asked later, they all said that they figured someone had already called.  So, now that this blog post has taken a morbid turn, what you should take from this is to always call 911- don’t overthink it.

Summer 2011 has been the Summer of Barefootedness for me.  Just the other day, my friend laughed at me because I asked if I absolutely had to wear shoes to get ice cream at UDF.  And I almost didn’t want to go to Terget because it meant I had to put shoes on. (Srsly, who would ever deny a trip to Target?).  One of my favorite activities this summer is bicycling barefoot. (By the way, I want this t-shirt).  I love it especially when the old folks smile and wave at you and tell you to be careful and to always bike on the right side of the road.   Thanks!

My absolute favorite summer activity is swimming (and has been since, I’m gonna say forever).  Two of my best friends have pools in their backyards (yes! in their OWN backyards! *This is funny because my friend, Maggie’s roommate from China didn’t believe that she had a pool in her yard and kept saying to her, “Yes, but not your OWN pool.  In your OWN yard) so I always have plenty of opportunities to swim.  I know that they will both let me come over to swim anytime, but I always try and make excuses as to why we should go swimming.  Maggie makes fun of me every time, so now it’s all I can do when we swim.  “Yeah, we should probably swim- I had ice cream, so I need to burn off those calories”, “It’s so hot, of course I’ll swim”, or my favorite, “I need to shower anyways, so we might as well swim”.  Completely ridiculous.

P.S. This post is dedicated to a word I recently discovered: exlineal.  It’s an unused, antiquated word meaning out of the direct line of decent or it can mean gone into insanity or lost.  So, I will be trying to fit this word in as much as I can in my daily life.  And you should too.

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