29. Ten More

by 4linnea

Welcome back, friend, to some thoughts in my brain.

This is a continuation from an older post, so here are 10 more things that I love.  (See: 1000thingsawesomethings.com for the inspiration)

10. Turning the last page in your book

That is such a great feeling.  Even if you don’t want your book to end, turning that very last page is incredibly satisfying with that page-turn comes applause from your brain and imagination.

9. Knowing all the lines to your favorite movie

Yes, this is exhausting and annoying for anyone watching the movie or TV show with you, but who cares?  It’s as if you’re acting in the movie or show, so you’re allowed to be a diva.

8. Riding in a convertible at night

Just did this for the first time ever last week thanks to my good friend getting a new Sebring (which by the way, an old lady drove- apparently only to church and around town.  I’m sure she was cruising so fly, not to mention rollin’ up.)  Anyways, this is great because you get the joy of the wind blowing your hair, while also staring at the stars.  So good.

7. Putting on your running shoes

This is wonderful.  Just putting them on puts your brain in that athletic mindset and you feel as if you could go hundreds of miles without stopping.  But alas, your terrible lung capacity will always win.

6. Frisbee Golfing

Takes the rowdiness and popularity of college Ultimate Frisbee and combines it perfectly with the middle-aged relaxing Sunday morning “sport”.

5. Showing people a YouTube video they haven’t seen before

It is so great to ask if people have seen one of your recent web favorites, for them to say no, and for you to start freaking out as if their lives are missing the most magnificent and meaningful thing in the world.  And it’s all that more satisfying when they actually think it is funny.

4. Free sample time at the grocery store

If you are crafty enough and time your shopping correctly, you can manage to grab a free meal from the mini corndogs and orange slices given out at the grocery store.  Costco has got to be the sampling Mecca.  Saturday afternoon.  Seriously. Go.

3. When lightning bugs begin to appear

Sorry summer solstice, but summer has officially started when those bright little guys begin to buzz around the yard.

2. Setting an alarm just to sleep through it

It’s Saturday and you know that with no alarm you will sleep ’til noon, so you strategically set an alarm about 8:30 or 9 just so you get that great feeling of looking at the clock, knowing that you can sleep until whenever you want and hitting that alarm with no regrets.

1. When the ratio of milk to cookies is perfect

This can be achieved through many years of practice and familiarizing yourself with the cup sizes available to you and the type and size of the cookie.  This is not to be taken lightly, this process is a big deal because if the ratio is off, you will unfortunately have to go back for more.  (This perfect ratio idea also applies to things such as cereal & milk or peanut butter & jelly).

P.S. This post is dedicated to puns.  My most favoritest type of jokes.

When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.  (Get it?!)  No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationery.  (You see what I did there?)  I was reading a book about Euthanasia, but I had to put it down. (Insert rim shot).

Over & Out

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