27. Freak Your Freak

by 4linnea

Usually I am dissatisfied with most TV.  Not much quality television happening these days.  Lots of  reality shows and the same-old sitcoms (plus how many more criminal investigation shows do we need?  Sherioushly)  Anyways, there isn’t much I get sucked into (obviously 30 Rock is one of these few shows I deeply care about), however, sometimes some obscure show will catch my attention.  Lately, this show has been Extreme Couponing.  It is like its sister TLC show, Hoarders, but not as vomit-inducing.  It is about these unique Americans that are obsessed with using coupons and take it to ridiculous lengths.  The reason I like this show is that it is abnormal psychology shown in the most practical way.  Every person I’ve watched so far shows most all symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- it is just so frackin interesting.  These people have stock piles in their basements so big that they are usually referred to as their personal grocery stores.  Even with these stock piles, they still go to the store and buy 3 or 4 cartfulls of food.  It’s typical that they will buy 70 bottles of yellow mustard just because they will get each bottle for 10cents.  Or tons of disposable baby diapers when they don’t even have kids.  (Maybe they just want their inexistent babies to drink bottles of mustard instead of formula?).  Because they have the coupons, they have to buy the items.  Their bill could be over $1,000 and with their coupons they get the whole order for $50.  No joke.  Incredible.  Just go watch it sometime.  You might not become hooked, but you’re going to find it so stinkin interesting and fascinating that the only way to calm down is to go buy something.

Also, (oddly on the same subject), I have rekindled my love with the show Hey Arnold.  I cannot tell you how much I loved this show growing up.  All the seasons are on Netflix (which I think will probably be available in Heaven) and I can’t get enough of them.  To me the show is still great and well-done.  It’s funny and filled with great music.  It’s been making me nice and happy watching them.

Subject change:

It is summer now.  Don’t let the weather’s mood swings confuse you, friend.  It’s here.

Summer is a time for reading lots of books and swimming way longer than is good for your skin.  Much like my take on Spring, Summer is a time for change and rebirth.  There is a dramatic temperature change along with a neighborhood population change when the streets become filled with kids on their bikes wearing bathing suits toting a Super Soaker over their shoulders.  It’s just a fun time and its joy is only satisfied when you go to Whippy Dip for a soft serve cone every evening.  It doesn’t matter about calories or fat because 1. it’s summer and 2. who cares? Also I have a feeling this summer will be filled with lots of activities like this kid. And of course, frisbee golf.  I am looking forward to my friend’s summer wedding and breaking out Beyonce’s classic choreography to Single Ladies at the reception.  Lookin like a fool?  No way.

In a few days I’m off to the beach for a great ‘cation. You’re probably not surprised, but I cannot wait to fill my days with reading and crosswording on the beach all day- in between floating in the water and fighting off sharks, of course.  That is summer living.

P.S. This post is dedicated to the phrase “Freak your freak”.  This is a phrase started by Ellen Degeneres on her talk show and I adore it.  She uses it when she surprises people in a good way by saying “we’re gonna freak their freak” like when she hijacked the studio tram and gave a tour of the ABC lot.  Or when she gives away crazy prizes the caption will read “Ellen freaks the freak of a deserving family”.  So, let’s spread this around because it is really great.  (Friend, you’re probably saying, “Dude, you’re blog is freakin my freak!”  Or maybe you’re not.  Yeah, you’re probably not).

Over & Out

Currently listening to: Frightened Rabbit- Swim Until You Can’t See Land   (My Summer 2011 Anthem.  Wurd.)