24. Real Fake News

by 4linnea

Tonight, Aasif Mandvi, best known for his correspondent role on The Daily Show with John Stewart, came to Miami University.  His lecture was called: Behind the Scenes of the REAL Fake News.  At the beginning, he spoke briefly about Islamophobia.  He said that all American Muslims should have a parade and just walk through the streets in the thousands with long beards etc.  and to not tell anyone they were doing this and just let everyone else freak out.  His satire of Islamophobia is hilarious with underlying truth to it.  Here’s one of Mandvi’s pieces promoting the creation of a Muslim version of The Cosby Show (in which the family is drinking pork juice).  The rest of Mandvi’s lecture consisted of him sharing the behind the scenes workings of the show and his favorite stories from working their.  He showed some clips of his bits on the The Daily Show which are always the funniest part of the show.  They are so great.  I laughed throughout the entire lecture (which really was just stand-up).  At the end, he left time for questions and it was great to see him interacting so well and personably with the audience members.  It made for a wonderful night.

By the way, I absolutely love the ‘fake’ news shows, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  I’ve known (and Aasif Mandvi reiterated the point) that you’re not supposed to use these programs as your sole source of news, but that’s just what college kiddos do.  I read the New York Times almost every day, but being honest, I get it for the crossword, then read the interesting articles, then the not-so-interesting articles if I feel up for it, but I manage to watch most episodes of these two TV shows.  I would rather watch the satirical, humorous perspective on the sillier political topics over uptight old guys in suits reading biased (and not owning up to that bias) teleprompters.  Mandvi said that the topics that are chosen for The Daily Show aren’t necessarily chosen for their newsworthiness, but their humor and how funny they’ll be.  This might not seem credible in the slightest, but I am definitely okay with it.  We can’t always take the world so seriously, you’ve gotta find the goofiness in everyday life.

Sidenote: The countdown til summer is at only 14 days!  I started the countdown at 36 days, so we’re getting somewhere.  I just cannot wait.  I am excited not only for summer, but for a fresh start in the fall- a new semester with a new schedule, and a new dorm that will bring new people and relationships.  Awesome.

P.S.  This post is dedicated to free events at college.  Yeah that’s right, you better let us attend really awesome events and hear really awesome speakers fo free since you’re charging us a boatload of money for tuition, housing, food, books, and parking tickets!  So I appreciate the free events, even though, really, it is the least you can do, you stinkin’ universities.

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