18. Fey Buffet

by 4linnea

I am having a hard time containing my excitement while I have to wait for Tina Fey’s new book, Bossypants to arrive at the library.  And don’t you fret friend, I am the first one on the hold list until it arrives.  My theory is that most everything Tina Fey touches turns to gold.  Besides the fact that I would love to be her, I just love who she is as a person, woman, comedienne, and writer.

Read this article in the New York Times yesterday, and you’ll see why.  Someone on a website wrote that “Tina Fey is an ugly, pear-shaped, bitchy, overrated troll.”  She responded to this with “To say I’m an overrated troll, when you have never even seen me guard a bridge, is patently unfair,” she argues. She goes on to take issue with the writer’s terminology (what if she got her shape from sitting in business-class airline seats too often?), thank him for his attention (“there’s no such thing as bad press!”) and suggest that it would take the Hubble telescope to locate his tiny genitals. “Affectionately, Tina,” she concludes. This insult is used on the back of her new book, Bossypants under the Praise for Tina Fey section.  Along with others such as: “You’d be really pretty if you lost weight.” (College Boyfriend, 1990 ).  Some of the blurbs in the Praise for Bossypants section include: “Absolutely delicious!” (A Guy Who Eats Books ), “Totally worth it.” (Trees ), and “Do not print this glowing recommendation of Tina Fey’s book until I’ve been dead a hundred years.” (Mark Twain ).

This is golden.  Her writing is humorous in a self-dissatisfied way, yet as a person, she is incredibly confident in her quirkiness and un-glamorousness.  Tina Fey’s 30 Rock  is my favorite current television show, mostly because of the writing- it’s quick and clever (the way I like my humor to be).  Also because the main character, Liz Lemon, is a great individual.  The character is loosely based on Tina Fey and much of her quirks come through in Liz.  Liz is a woman I long to be (and  according to some, am very much like already).  From her love of Star Wars or the Sims to her deep, deep affection of food to her plain clothing, Liz Lemon is a gem.

And here is another example of Fey’s comedy writing genius, from her film, Baby Mama:

So, I just wanted to share my love of Tina Fey with you as well as my excitement for her new book.

“Only in comedy does an obedient white girl from the suburbs count as diversity” – Tina Fey

P.S. This post is dedicated to good television.  Thanks for existing and keeping my faith in the media alive.

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