17. 10 Things

by 4linnea

I present to you, friend, 10 things I love.

10.When things are a lot easier than you anticipated

This can apply to anything in life- something as simple as going to pick up a (seemingly) heavy box etc. and it really being lighter than you imagined.  That’s a great feeling.

9. Ambiguously-marked doors

You know what I’m talking about- it’s those doors that aren’t clearly marked as PUSH or PULL and the handle also gives you zero indication.  I like these doors, because like life, things are hardly definitely marked.  Plus, isn’t it so great to struggle with the door and make a fool of yourself and then you’re able to watch someone else do it.  In this situation you truly aren’t laughing at them, you are laughing with them and their embarrassment.  Because, hey, we’ve all been there.

8. People actually using sweatbands

It makes me happy when I see people running or working out that are actually wearing sweatbands that are being used for their intended purpose- to catch sweat.  I see so many people wearing them as decoration or ironically that it’s refreshing to witness them being put to good use.

7. A really really good, juicy orange


6. Inside jokes

Inside jokes are the best things ever.  You know that you are good friends with someone when you begin to speak this secret language with references to past shenannies or people with “code names” (so you can make fun of them, but not feel as bad since it’s not their real name).  And I do not hate it when I’m around other friends with their own inside jokes that completely go over my head (insert hand gesture here), in fact, I love it.  It does not make me feel excluded, but rather apart of the comical side of human life.  I usually don’t even want them to explain the joke to me because 1. it wouldn’t mean the same thing to me since I didn’t experience it and 2. I wanna just sit there and smile and laugh and act like I know exactly what’s funny.

5. When you have something fancy to go to and you get your hair professionally done

This has happened to me once and it’s kinda nice to feel like a princess for a day.

4. Friends you haven’t seen in a while

I love when you are instantly able to hang out and talk as if you have seen each other every day for the past year.  That’s when you know that person is a true friend.  It’s as if there was never any gap in the friendship and life continues as normal since you’re friends again.  That’s when life is good.

3. Trying new things

This is scary and fun.  After you do something for the first time, the second time you do it, you feel as if you’re a pro and know everything about it.

2. The perfect bike-riding weather

My bike’s a teal hybrid, Raleigh brand, named Harrison (named after president Benjamin Harrison who graduated from Miami).


1. Creating a great iTunes playlist

If you have your iPod playing, there’s nothing better than not having to worry about which song is going to come on next.  Nah, just leave that decision up to Mr. Playlist.  Thanks.

P.S. This post is dedicated to the nice pedestrians who make way (and probably get irritated) at bikers like me.

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