16. A Short Short

by 4linnea

For English class our assignment was a pre-game to a short story.  The assignment was to create a short story with a plot in only 300-400 words.  So here to you, my friend, I present my 308-word short short:

The Pianist

The first ivory key was hit.

If there was an absolute zero of silence, it was reached as his fingers began to glide through the piece making a harmonious sound that few had ever heard.

The young man’s eyes were kept shut throughout the entire piece as to allow any emotion to present itself through the notes.

As each key struck, the reverberations carried through the crowd bringing with them a wave of intensity.  Although the crowd was speechless, few knew what to do with themselves as the emotion in the room seemed to make them restless.

The young man carried on his musical way slamming each key with a sense of ownership, taking each note as prisoner, locking them up in the score.

His fingers reached their final destination and the piece closed on a major chord.

The boy nodded at the keys as to show his approval of their compliance.

After four seconds of silence the crowd went mad with laughter and cheer.

The taller folks that stood in the back could not get the looks of astonishment off their faces.

Those seated in the auditorium had no doubt that the young man was guaranteed to win even though the dancers around and on top of the piano might have been a little too promiscuous.

It was up to the crowd, however, to make the final decision and after the performance it was certain that with his original composition of Nelly’s Hot in Herre, the young man was sure to win Lincoln Middle School’s annual talent show.

Those taller folks in the back seemed to know this was his fate and decided to accept it with a chuckle and a shake of their heads.

The young boy stood, took a bow, and came up with the goofiest, widest grin that had ever lived on his face.

Yeah, kind of odd?  Eh, I’m okay with that.  Hope it kept your attention.

Over & Out

P.S. This post is dedicated to road trips.  Yeah, I think you’re great.  Anyone currently on a road trip, stay safe.  Anyone that just got back from a road trip, appreciate being home.  And anyone about to go on a road trip, be sure to buy a 5-pound bag of Swedish Fish.

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