15. Letters

by 4linnea

Writing a letter is an art form that is quickly dying.  But, let’s be honest, when you open your mailbox and see a handwritten note from someone you love, isn’t that hella tight?  (Side note: I’m trying to “bring back” the word: hella.  Help me out friend, spread it).

The last letter I received was from my best friend in Chicago.  In this (handwritten) letter was included a list of summer activities as well as Important Life Lyrics:

1. “Don’t be fancy, just get dancy” -Pink, Raise Your Glass

2. “We-we-we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today” -Rebecca Black, Friday

3. “How’d you get all that in dem jeans?  I bet you had to jump up and down just to put ’em on.  Bet you had to wiggle it around just to put ’em on.  Bet you had to lay back on the bed just to zip ’em up.  Am I right?  You right.  Baby that’s what’s up” -Chingy, Dem Jeans

Claaaasic.  Hey, it’s about the little things.  Just like the two temporary tattoos and 1 stick of gum that accompanied the letter in the envelope.  Needless to say, when I received this letter my day was complete and my happiness quota for the week was satisfied.

Knowing that you’re on someone’s mind makes you happy, that’s why letters mean so much.  Someone thought about you so much that they could not contain it and had to send you their thoughts about you/things/life etc.  Lately, I’ve thought of the idea of placing a mailbox/ regular box/ big envelope somewhere on campus (possibly start it in my dorm and see how it does) and letting it be for people to add their anonymous love letters/ secrets to it.  It would be a combination of Postsecret and Likealittle (a site for a specific college campus where students post anonymously about that cute guy or gal they passed on their way to class or in the dining hall).  People could add their notes to this mailbox and (much like Postsecret) I could share one or two on each blog post (or start an entire blog dedicated to this mailbox–talk about hella awesome).  This would be fun because the letters would be specific to Miami University and people could share with the world their crush they’d love to be with or simply share a secret they wish they could tell someone.

I’m sure if I start this and keep it up, somehow through my college career I will be able to relate it to something academic and fit it into my work somehow.  If not, I would still love to do it for 1. to understand my peers better and get a better idea of how their minds work (again that psychology nerdom coming through) and 2. to let others share things they would normally be too scared to share and 3. to give people a chance to speak.  I will develop this idea more over the weekend and get back to you on my mental progress.

P.S. This post is dedicated to Ohio weather.  The snow was a terrible greeting this morning, but it was welcome because I couldn’t help but think that when the weather does get nice and stays that way for good, it will be that much sweeter.

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