13. Scratches

by 4linnea

I like for the things I own to have as many scratches/nicks/dings as possible on them.  Things such as my camera and phone are always pretty banged up.  This is because 1. I am not glamorous by any definition of the word, 2. I don’t care much about them, and 3. there is immense beauty in bumps and bruises.  These things have “lived”.  It’s not living if you don’t come out with a few bumps and scratches.  Yeah, it means you’ll get hurt, but once those cuts scab up, you’ll be stronger the next time.  Anywhoozle, I love thinking that this is true for my possessions and not just people because it represents a cool part of life.

People with scars and scratches are beautiful people- usually the ones that don’t talk much about themselves and aren’t looking for attention.  They have learned how to overcome their hurt and how to move on.  Think about people you find beautiful and ask yourself why they’re beautiful to you.  Most every time there will be some reason because of their past and how they’ve overcome it.  That’s cool.

Think about this question, and in hopes of making this world a better place, tell that person you think of that they are beautiful and why.  Do it.  It’ll be awesome.  Promise.

Also, I like talented people.  Not just people with talent, but ones who take advantage of their talent and use it.  Last night, my friends and I went an imrov comedy show.  It’s performed by a student improv group called Sketched Out.  Talk about funny.  And talk about talent.  These kiddos were awesome and quick with a joke.  (Plus they made lots of funny Abraham Lincoln references–lots of Linnea points for them!)  It was just really great seeing people with talent doing what they love.  Go see them sometime!

Side Rambling:  Bowling is great.  I love going to a bowling alley when I’m there with my friends just goofing around and throwing the ball down the lane granny style etc. and there’s the one guy/ group of guys who are hard-core bowlers on leagues.  I love watching them go up to the lane and throw the ball like it’s nothing and put the perfect spin on it.  Ooh they’ve gotta have the wrist brace on too- that’s a must.  They know that those pins got nothin’ on them.  They own the alley and they’re proud of it.

P.S. This post is dedicated to smoothies.  Seriously, is there any better snack out there?

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