12. Thankfulness

by 4linnea

So it’s time to be thankful.  Well, all the time is time to be thankful.  Today, I am thankful for:

1. Hellos

They are infinitely better than goodbyes.  Whether it be a hello to someone you haven’t seen in a while, or a hello to a stranger and potential new friend, Hellos are immeasurably sweet.  I like them a lot.

“Goodbyes always make my throat hurt… I need more hellos.” –Charlie Brown

2. Warm bedding

What is better than that feeling of crawling into a warm, cozy bed after a long day?  Yeah, nothing. Blankets are the best.

3. Grapes

Always a good snack.  I am extra thankful when they are really sweet, juicy, and crispy.  Thanks for existing, grapes.

4. People’s knowledge that I don’t have

I have learned more in this one day than I have probably all semester.  Today was filled with two interesting and inspiring psychology lectures (1 about attraction & relationships, the other about sexual disorders), a music lecture (learning about Beethoven et al., yo), and a philosophy lecture by a renowned guest speaker from London (Sara Ahmed).  I learned a lot about people too.  Giving thanks for learning new things.

5. Laughing

I stinkin’ love laughing more than most anything on earth.  I love my friends who make me laugh so much my sides hurt- i.e. the friends where we do absolutely nothing but just make up stupid stuff and giggle about it.  After a good laugh, the world just seems like it’s all right.

6. Tissues

Such a great invention.  I am thankful you exist so my runny nose doesn’t go everywhere in class.  I like carrying you around with me in public.  (also included in this category are stolen rolls of toilet paper- see: yesterday’s blog)

7. When your room is hot, but it’s cold outside so you open the window.

Yep, life’s good.

8. Beauty

Whether it’s beauty you see in nature, buildings, or people, I am thankful for the beauty of life and the way it makes living better.

9. Hearing someone sneeze through the wall

…Then saying bless you, even though they can’t hear it.  Thanks for the sneezies.

and we’ll make this an even 10 with:

10. Disposable Water Bottles

Sorry environment, I love you and all, but disposable water bottles are just so freakin convenient.  And I DO recycle them, so that’s at least a few Green Points for me.

P.S. This post is dedicated to coloring books.  I think you’re a wonderful invention that lets the least creative person be Picasso for a bit.

Over & Out

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