10. A Better World

by 4linnea

Proving someone wrong- Is it really that great?

One thing I am looking forward to about marriage (even though this will be hard) is learning to forgive my spouse daily and learning to feel forgiven daily.  When you know you’re forgiven, the weight of the world is off of your shoulders and the guilt is gone.  It’s only when our consciences feel cleared that we are able to think and behave correctly (in a marriage, that would be putting someone else’s needs before your own).  This is a really cool idea to me.  It’s completely opposite to our selfish human natures, yet we all learn to do it whether in marriages, romantic relationships, or friendships.  We should be sacrificing for the ones we love, just like we were sacrificed for.  Anywho-zzle, I have never really made New Year’s Resolutions before, but if I could make one right now for this year, it would be: to be less selfish in my relationships and care even just a smidgen more.  If we all did that (not change everything 180, but each day did little things to better someone else’s life and not our own) the world truly would be a better place.  Kinda like the way my friend, Amelie, lives her life.

Here’s a clip from my favorite movie, Amelie- a film about a girl who decides to do anonymous good deeds for others solely out of love for people.

“A surge of love, an urge to help mankind comes over her.”

So friends, keep holding open the door for someone that’s just a little far away, always say “Bless you” to a sneeze, because again, we’re human- so let’s support each other in our bodily functions, or give someone out of the way a ride.  Ask a friend to tell you everything about their day, and (get this!) really listen.  Yeah, that’d be cool…

P.S. This post is dedicated to the Miami University Psychology Building 2nd Floor Bathroom.  Thanks for providing me with a roll of toilet paper to steal for my runny nose while I studied.  You are DaBomb dot com!

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