9. 7-Minute Lull

So, there’s this theory that in any group setting, there will be a lull in conversation every 7 minutes.  (Some say every 20, for bigger groups).  You know that moment when all the sudden all conversation stops and there’s an “awkward silence”- that’s the lull.  Usually after this pause, conversation will pick up again.

Now, I was looking up this theory and there’s another idea to this that I had never heard about.  The theory is that whenever this silence happens, it is 20 minutes past the hour.  What a coincidence that this theory revolves around da best prez everr: Abraham Lincoln.  Because of some supernatural agency, a sudden silence is automatically supposed to occur as a moment of respect at 20 after the hour because he was shot and died around this time.  (Shot at 10:13 pm and died at 7:22 the next morning).

Back to the 7-minute lull, supposedly, there is some actual evidence that this could be hardwired into our human nature because we would pause every now and then so we could check for predators such as animals or other tribes.  I could see this, but it seems a little far-fetched.  I just like thinking of the idea that everyone has experienced this awkward silence while at a party, school, dinner, or somewhere with a large group of people.  And isn’t it always the case that someone says something uncomfortable loudly just as this silence occurs.  I just experienced this last week and it was incredibly uncomfortable, but all anyone could do was laugh.

Example of this from 0:12-0:46

Comic George Carlin puts it right  when he says: “You ever been at a really loud party. I mean a good loud party, where the music is playing too loud, and everybody is talking too loudly, and in order to be heard even by the person standing right next to you, you’ve got to be screaming at the top of your lungs. But every now and then at a party, it seems as though everyone shuts up at the same time…and only your voice…can be heard. “Right, I know. I know. Well, what I’m going to do, I’m gonna have my testicles laminated.” Life’s little moments.”

This is all kinds of boring, but I was thinking about this theory and figured I have the right to ramble about it.

P.S. This post it dedicated to our hard-working kidneys because March is National Kidney Month.  Holla.

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