6. 6th graders & Satisfaction

by 4linnea

It’s only 5 pm, but I think it’s already safe to declare this day as one of the best in a long time.  Here’s why.

I got the opportunity to be a judge for the 6th grade science fair at Ridgeway Elementary in Hamilton, Ohio.  Talk about fun.  I’m usually at that school to tutor, so being in this environment was a big change- incredibly happy and fun.  Here’s some pics that will make you smile.

^Peyton was SOO spunky and great.  She talked a mile a minute and made great jokes.

Now this guy, I didn’t even get to judge his project, but I loved him.  This was him doing a “really goofy pose” for the camera.  See why my heart’s happy?

Also, the school put out snacks/refreshments for the volunteers.  For us. Gosh, I was so thankful to be there I wanted to bake everyone in that school a blueberry pie.

Always just so happy to be at that school.  (I like getting to be their friend– Wednesday, a 4th grade girl and I bonded over the show, iCarly.  So great)

Another great thing about today was that I smelled spring.  Ya know that scent in the air that just triggers feelings of warmth, new life, bike riding, and lots o’ sunshine?  Yeah, that’s what I smelled.  I am satisfied just from the smell.  And I am not making this up, when I smelled that I was on my way to the bus, and on the bus, in the book I’m reading (Memory Palace by Mira Bartok), I read this:

“I held the photo album up to my nose.  It smelled like my mother used to smell- cigarettes and Tabu, her favorite perfume- our sense of smell, the strongest memory trigger of all, the only sense that travels directly to the limbic system in our brain.”

How neat.  The brain is so cool.

Speaking of brains, this week is Brain Awareness Week!   Yay!  Being a psychology nerd, I love this.  So do a little something extra to better your brain- do a puzzle, exercise, or sleeeeep a lil longer.

P.S. This post is dedicated to any 6th grader in the world.  You may think life is a little awkward now.  Just wait.

Over & Out.

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