4. Connectedness

by 4linnea

We’re all human.  How cool is that?

I love when people talk about “the human condition”.  Thinking about humans as more than race, gender, class.  It’s stuff that we all have wired in us.  Thoughts we all have and situations we all have to deal with.  Reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood the other day, I came across probably my favorite quote from the book:

“… listening to the distant sounds of water running, toilets being flushed. In a strange way I feel comforted, at home. There is something reassuring about the toilets. Everybody shits, as Moira would say.”

So great and so true.  You see other people’s feet in the stall next to you and hear them flush.  You feel less lonely because we’re all human, and hey, we all shit.  When I was younger, I always struggled with thinking that celebrities eat food, I just couldn’t picture them demolishing a Big Mac- somehow I thought they were above that (yeah that little thing called eating. Wut?)  Anyways, now that I know they are just as human as me, whenever I see a celeb eating in a movie, it produces a warm, fuzzy feeling inside not just because I love food (side note: my brother called me a “Foodie” today.  I was a little bit offended.  I told him just because something’s incredibly true, doesn’t mean you have to say it), but because it makes me feel like it’s all okay.  We’re all human.

I love thinking about this stuff and thinking about just how small the world is and how good the chances are to meet people, as well as run into them again.  I love that.  Think about how you could be standing in line, on the train, or in the same restaurant as a strong mutual friend.  Blows my mind.  Way cool. We’re all connected which is awesome.

Also, I like when runners pass by me and I can hear them breathing heavily.  What’s more universally human than breathing?  So great.

This is a short post, so here’s a list of the great cereals (why?… why not?)

-Frosted Flakes

-Honey Nut Cheerios

-Froot Loops

-Cocoa Pebbles


-Special K RedBerries

-Raisin Bran

-Cap’n Crunch

-Oreo O’s (RIP)

P.S. This blog is dedicated to one of my crossword clues today: Fiction tellers- Liars.  From now on, that’s what a liar will be to me, a fiction teller.  More syllables- yes, but the added syllables might make it sting more.  Too mean? Idk.

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