3. Cupcakes

by 4linnea

Cupcakes are the new vampires.  (Insert Edward Cupcake pun here).  It’s so “in” to open a cupcake shop- they’re popping up everywhere (like garden gnomes in a cat lady’s yard).  Last week, I was in Washington DC and because of requests from multiple people, we were going to stop at DC Cupcakes.  Apparently it’s a big deal- it has a TV show??  We got there and the line was out the door with at least 100 people in line up the block just to get in.  Uhhhh… ridiculous.

Wait a minute, back to the TV show.  People watch a show about a cupcake shop?  Wut?  Reality TV sucks.

Anyways, cupcakes seem really innocent, but they are evil, taking over towns and moving in to people’s hearts and taste buds.  Just because you’re a cute artisan bakery, doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing to the obesity problem in America.

Needless to say, I want to go back to buying my artisan cupcakes at the PTA bake sale and shoving them down my throat @ birthday parties.

P.S. This post is dedicated to garden gnomes.  With a good 300 years of history, you shimmer in the sunlight while your jockey friends watch guard.

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