1. Why Blog?

by 4linnea

It’s 2011 and everyone can be something.  No matter your economic status, your gender, your sexual orientation, or your age.  Everyone can make a name for themselves, whether they decide to let it be bad or good.  Blogs, now make you feel as if you are an accomplished writer because your words are being broadcast over the same wires that google searches for Justin Beiber’s haicut or Charlie Sheen’s video rants are. This means, your words have the potential to reach millions of eyes and maybe draw the attention that these celebs draw. In this way, 2011 is trolling us. Are we getting our hopes up only to get them crushed? Or does it not matter as long as you’re doing something you love? There are millions of blogs out there with the majority only getting a few reads (most of those views being from the author himself and the rest being from his best friends which were forced to read it because the blog URL was posted 20 times on their Facebook wall. 4 mins ago, 2 mins ago, about a min ago, 30 sec ago…)

Blogging isn’t the only dream-enhancer at fa

ult.  Now there are plenty of sites for music fans.  Sites like last.fm and 8tracks.com let users create music profiles, sharing their music.  These sites are for those that are not talented enough to be a musician and think of clever lyrics, and catchy rhythms on their own.  These sites, let you showcase your “musical tastes” (which don’t we all think we have really good musical taste? so who really does?) and share them with the millions of people who couldn’t ca

re less.  There are the few, though, who get thousands of hits and are deemed as musical gods.  This is an exciting thing for me to see.  As much as it sounds like I’m h8in’ on this opportunity our te

chnology-age brings, I love it.  I am one of those dreamers who with an 8tracks site, enjoys sharing my latest musical find.  Who cares if no one else listens to it?  Or no one reads these stupid words on a this free blogging website?  I don’t mind one bit.  I enjoy d

oing it, and living a happy life is important.

P.S. This post is dedicated to all the tweenaged girls out there who list their number one interest as photography.  You’re great, make a photography blog.  I mean, not saying, I’ll look at it, or care about it, but there’s one person out there who will enjoy it, even if it’s just you.

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